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Make-up Studio’s successful Lip Primer is now available in a handy stick; the Lip Prime Stick.

The Lip Prime Stick is a base that is applied underneath the lipstick, it is the secret behind long-lasting, beautiful lips. Beside the long-lasting effect, the Lip Prime Stick increases the colour intensity of the lipstick, softens and refines small lines. In addition, the Lip Prime Stick is also takes good care for your lips thanks to its moisturising ingredients: Vitamin E. It's an unbeaten product when it comes to achieving beautiful lips all day long!

Pro Tip: Your lips need to be primed just like your skin does! Want long lasting, bold colour, this is your answer!

How to use

Place a layer beneath your lipstick to achieve a perfect bold lip colour or that amazing sultry nude lip!

Why we love it

  • Easy to apply in our new stick form
  • Neutral colour suits everyone
  • Enriched with vitamin E, perfect for moisturizing

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