Best 8 Fall Perfume for Women

Oct 08 2021

Fall is the story of the in-between. The temperatures drop but remain pleasant, the sunlight slowly loses intensity and heat and, above all, our landscape sees its colors change from green to a shades of flamboyant orange. All of these changes affect our fall perfume, and very often we move towards sweet, woody and spicy notes. In short, comforting, warm and stimulating scents such as orange blossom or jasmine, mush and sandalwood. So, if you’re looking for new perfume for the in-between season, here’s our list of the best fall Perfume.   1- Gucci Oud SHOP NOW Gucci Oud: a...

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Best 8 Spring Perfumes For Women

Sep 10 2021

Each season has its own perfume. With the arrival of spring and the milder weather, your best choice for spring perfumes are the ones that boast floral, fruity, and fresh scents, with flower-based fragrances being the best pick for this time of the year. Here’s our selection of the best spring perfume! 1- Thierry Mugler Angel SHOP NOW An angelic and provocative fragrance at the same time, Thierry Mugler Angel is a unique fragrance with a touch of extravagance. Yu can either love it or hate it; but what is certain is that it won’t leave you indifferent. The composition of...

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Best 7 Summer Fragrances For Women

Sep 09 2021

Each season brings with it its own set of seductive scents, evoking powerful emotions, memories and experiences. Much like swapping your dark nail colors for brighter, sunnier shades, summer calls for upgrading your scent wardrobe with the proper summer perfume. To help you choose your sunny scents, we have compiled a list of the best summer perfume for summer! Take a look.   1- Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris   SHOP NOW The dazzling YSL Mon Paris Eau de Parfum for women is the expression of a beautiful moment set in the most romantic city in the world: Paris. The...

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Best 7 Winter Perfumes for ladies

Aug 08 2021

Depending on the season, your wardrobe evolves to adapt to temperatures. The same applies to your choice of perfume. So, when temperatures fall, scented desires become warmer and more intense. That’s why, while spring and summer scents are fresh, floral and fruity in order to awaken your senses, winter perfume is enhanced by woody and spicy notes to keep you warm.  Discover here our selection of the best winter perfumes for ladies. 1- Paco Rabanne Lady Million SHOP NOW Inspired by gold and wealth, Lady Million Eau de Parfum for Women was launched on the market two years after the...

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