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There's a reason why this eyeshadow is called Moondust... and that's because it's out of this world!

The formula is a baked eyeshadow, so it is extra hard, just like our Eyeshadow Lumiere. It consists of black or pastel undertones, to which a load of glitter has been added. This also means there is minimal fallout... no more getting eyeshadow and glitter everywhere. The eyeshadow can be applied wet or dry. Suitable as eyeshadow, eyeliner and for smokey eyes.

Pro Tip: Spray your brush with Make-up Fixer Setting Spray before using eyeshadow for extra bold and strong colour.


  • Content: 1,8 gr
  • Finish: Shine
  • Texture: Powder
  • Tones to Undertone: Warm
  • Vegan: Yes

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