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An eau de perfume bottle of HUGO BOSS Ma Vie Florale. The independent attitude of a woman who pauses to appreciate the small pleasures in life, such as a dawn stroll home, the feel of the sun on her skin, or the aroma of a flower, served as the inspiration for the original BOSS Ma Vie fragrance. The BOSS woman is at her most alluring during these times, when she is actually cherishing life and radiating a radiance of femininity and self-assurance. The updated Florale version captures the spirit of an original floral arrangement, a well-known representation of the celebration of life. All the characteristics that define the modern woman—strong, feminine, and independent—are celebrated by HUGO BOSS Ma Vie Florale. With this modern floral scent in a large bottle, revive your scent. 

Top Notes: Cactus

Middle notes: Jasmine, Freesia, Rose

Base notes: Woody Notes, Cedar

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