Hugo Boss


Hugo Boss Perfume & Cologne:

With high-quality and luxurious men's clothes, accessories and cosmetics, the Hugo Boss brand has become synonymous. It was quickly sought after from its inception for its high-quality fabrics, but also for its sense of detail and precision. Hugo Boss is also known for his attention to the needs and wishes of its customers. His philosophy is the same when it comes to the Hugo Boss fragrances.


The first perfume from Hugo Boss dates back to the 90s. Today, the company markets many ranges of new perfumes for men and women suited to the lifestyle of today. Hugo Boss perfumes are precisely created to reflect the strong personality of the person who wears it, but also to emphasize their beauty. Embodied on screen by Chris Hemsworth, the brand's muse, Boss men's fragrances have become staples of today's beauty, multiplying followers around the world.

The Hugo Boss woman, on the other hand, is a sensual and bewitching creature. Beginning with a fragrance named Boss Femme in 2006, the first Hugo Boss perfume for women was succeeded, in 2009, by Boss Orange, then Boss The Scent For Her which has been metamorphosed time and again into new limited editions, sometimes more intense, sometimes more delicious, and sometimes fresher. All the fragrances in the Hugo Boss perfume collection have in common that they reveal boundless sensuality.