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Juicy grapes are elegantly laid on a velvety petals and frozen blueberries.
A fragrance that tells an enchanted story. On a sumptuous table, the broad vine leaves support redundant and voluptuous roses. The aromatic Coffee Beans sliding down on a precious Amber. Vanilla and White Musk enhance the precious notes of Kalimantan Oud to celebrate a magical fragrance.

Grape Pearls is the song of life and the energy that vibrates within.

Top: Floral velvety bouquet, Frozen Blueberry

Heart: Rose, Grapes Pearls and Leaves, Coffee Bean

Base: Amber, Vanilla, White Musk, Kalimantan Oud

Olfactory family: Ethereal, Fruity, Musk

Nose: Andrea Casotti

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