Penhaligon's Portraits The Blazing Mister Sam 75ml

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An American abroad; in London to be precise, who spends freely, lives fast
and talks loud. But his company is captivating and his conversation a delight.
Nevertheless Countess Dorothea is unamused. That big grin (intrusive), that
large chin,(unseemingly), those beautiful eyes (danger) and those lavish
gifts(vulgar)? well? the ones for her maybe not. How much is that castle?
A hot and cold trio, between fusing cinnamon, ardent saffron and magnetic
tobacco, pays tribute to the flamboyant Mister Sam.
As the (un)official Duchess Roses lover, he follows his own rules: fun and
frivolity first! To attract his feminine conquests, he puts everything on the
table and proudly claims his excesses? his irresistible smile doing the rest.
Last but not least, his fragrance shares the same spirit, showcasing opulent
notes of sensual modern woods, vibrant spices and delightful tobacco.

FAMILY: woods
Head notes: Cinnamon
Heart notes: Saffron
Base notes: Vanilla, Patchouli, Tobacco, Cedarwood