Guerlain Les Absolus D’Orient Musc Noble EDP 125ml

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Guerlain's perfumer, Thierry Wasser, draws inspiration from the enchanting lands of amber to create a fragrance that spotlights one of Perfumery's most enigmatic ingredients: musk.

Musc Noble, a creation born from Wasser's travels and imagination, weaves a tale of seduction and allure. Within its narrative, a captivating musk, simultaneously powerful, warm, and powdery, intertwines with the deep essence of rose, the spicy leatheriness of saffron, and the verticality of cedarwood, elevating the fragrance to emotional heights.

In Musc Noble, every facet of musk is enhanced, embracing boldness, exquisite delight, and the thrilling vertigo of the unknown. Thierry Wasser masterfully combines luxury and tradition to create an olfactory experience that tantalizes the senses.

The majestic nature of the rose harmoniously complements the musk, while vibrant cedarwood adds its own vibrant touch to the composition.

Fragrance Notes: Musk, Rose, Cedarwood