Dior Poison EDT 100ml

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Some perfumes are born a myth. Provocative and mysterious since its creation, Poison perfume is Dior‰۪s ultimate weapon of seduction. Its exceptional alchemy is created by a rich blend of spicy, fruity and amber notes with sensual honey and musk accords. Dior Poision perfume an unforgettable and charismatic oriental fragrance.

Top note


Produced in Russia and steam distilled, coriander, mainly used in cooking, is classified as an aromatic. Dior Poision perfume contains linalool, adding fresh, peppery and zesty notes to fougere, citrus and chypre fragrances. Captivating and mysterious, it is the enchanting top note of Poison.

Heart note


Imported from India to Europe around 1600, tuberose is an herbaceous plant with highly fragrant white flowers that grow in clusters. Indian tuberose absolute offers J'adore l'Absolu a heady, honey and orange-scented floral note, for noble and luxurious intensity.

Base note


Opoponax is the resinous gum from a tree that grows in Africa and the Middle East. It is a type of myrrh obtained by exudation of the bark. Opoponax features as the velvety, balsamic base note of Poison, affording the fragrance its enchanting mystery.