Cinema by Yves Saint Laurent for Women EDP 90ml

Cinema by Yves Saint Laurent for Women EDP 90ml

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Glamorous, seductive, startling; Cin̩ma by Yves Saint Laurent for Women, is a sophisticated floral fragrance that makes every woman wearing it feel like a star. This perfume exudes a seductive flavor that resembles the beauties of Hollywood. You will be reminded of glamorous evening gowns, stylish hairstyles, high heels and those classic romance movies you love.

Cinema blooms open with fresh accords of cyclamen, shimmering almond blossom, and clementine. This is followed up with middle notes of amaryllis, jasmine, and peony, which finally descend into a deep and mysterious dry down, where amber, musk, and sweet powdery vanilla keep you mesmerized. The perfume is bottled up in 90ml flacon. This is a neat crystal vial with gold stopper. The fragrance was designed by Jacques Cavallier, and is available in the EDP concentration.

The perfume is set in motion with a sweet, juicy, and succulent hint from clementine, which then blends with the refined, light, and mysterious scent of cyclamen.

Completing the top notes with an innocent and soft tinge is almond blossom.

Middle Notes: The heart of this perfume from Yves Saint Laurent reveals a floral bouquet of jasmine, peony, and amaryllis. Peony sets the pace with its fresh floral notes while jasmine harmonizes the scent with a sweet narcotic fragrance. Amaryllis later leads the way to the base notes with its fruity floral undertone.

Base Notes: The dry down of this warm and opulent fragrance comprises of amber, benzoin, musk, and sweet powdery vanilla. Amber brings charm and grace to the composition with its friendly, cozy, warm note. Benzoin keeps you hooked, as vanilla accentuates the scent. Musk acts like a groundwork, on which the rest of aromatic shades and compositions rest