Armani Eau De Nuit EDT 100ml

Armani Eau De Nuit EDT 100ml

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This new classic is for all generations of men.
Armani Eau De Nuit from Giorgio Armani Fragrance is a smart interpretation of the heart of the Italian night. It blends freshness and sensuality through a combination of Italian bergamot, Brazilian tonka bean, and tobacco.

Armani Eau De Nuit bottle is inspired by the famous mythical "unstructured jacket" for men, invented by Mr. Giorgio Armani.

Black, first of all. Nocturnal. Masculine. Armani Eau De Nuit is no mere fragrance. It is above all a vision of style. A blend of the Armani codes evoking purity, simplicity and an eye for pure elegance.

Only a couturier could have created Eau de Nuit: more than an object, more than a fragrance, it is a concentrate of style. A new expression of the Armani spirit, Eau de Nuit embodies all of its fundamental elements: the simplicity of the design, the fluidity of the silhouette, that unique equation between elegance and nonchalance.

Like a dialogue between fabrics, the smooth glass becomes surface and texture, splashed with the silver glints of the lettering. The geometry of the lines becomes more refined and undulating. And evokes the finest hours of Italian cinema, the impeccable yet almost nonchalant elegance of the stars of the black and white big screen.

Bergamot and pink pepper intensity softened by cardamom, reminds the sweetness on the skin of the last sunrays. Soon after the rich agreement of nutmeg powdered by iris is forced:the final heat of the sun already radiating on the black water surface. Finally, the mystery surrounding the night is reflected in the scrolls of warm amber and tonka bean.