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Much like a gracious host who subtly yet unmistakably makes their presence felt, this perfume is both understated and impactful. Its contrasting composition is anchored in the delicate floral notes of rose, highlighted by a rich Rose Damascena essence. However, the true essence of the perfume lies in a deep and textured blend of complementary woody notes from Vetiver and Patchouli. Enveloped in the musky, warm tones of Ambrox, the fragrance unveils a profound allure, exuding elegance and strength without ever overwhelming. It is a scent to be worn like a second skin.

This meticulously balanced fragrance features the four cornerstone ingredients of Givenchy perfumery: Damascena Rose Essence from Turkey, Patchouli Essence from Indonesia, Vetiver from Haiti, and Ambrox.

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