Salvador Dali

It was in homage to Gala, his wife, his muse, to whom he had a mad love, that Salvador Dalí launched his first perfume in 1983. For him, perfume is "the most beautiful messenger" of memories and moments of happiness... Jean-Pierre Grivory, founder and president of Cofinluxe, wanted to speak to this multi-talented creator.

Jean-Pierre Grivory was convinced that it was necessary to unite the world of art with that of perfume, through fragrances inspired by an artist as emblematic and eclectic as Salvador Dali. The meeting with the Master happened in perfect osmosis and complicity. It was natural for Salvador Dali to be interested in perfume – at the crossroads of art and fashion – another form of artistic expression. Salvador Dali perfume was on the move…

In 1981, completing his painting Apparition of the Aphrodite of Cnidus, he sketched a bottle, drawing inspiration from the sensual mouth and nose of the goddess of beauty and love. It was from this drawing that the DALÍ perfume was launched in 1983 at the Jacquemart André Museum, in a numbered limited edition in crystal. The feminine fragrance chosen by the Master is a voluptuous accord, marrying the noblest and rarest essences, jasmine, the flower he often wore in his ear when he painted, and rose, Gala's favorite flower.

The DALI perfume is the first artist's perfume in the world, this "sculpture bottle", a true work of art, marks the birth of a collection of Salvador Dalí perfumes for women and men, always inspired by the world of artist and whose famous Dalinian mouth is the signature. "Divin Dalí" as he called himself, always makes us travel through his works in the magic of his world, populated by dreamlike and extravagant figures: Aphrodite, Christmas, Roy Soleil, Ruby Lips or Kiss. Surreal scents and bottles take us to the borders of art and dream. With each new fragrance, Parfums Dali offers us an invitation to travel.