When talking about a great classic or a great French brand in terms of perfume, it is almost impossible not to mention Rochas. Rochas perfume is arguably the best essence to define Parisian life that is both sophisticated and refined. Occupying a prominent place in the circle of olfactory works of art, Rochas is much more than a brand, more than a fragrance because it is also a symbol of freedom and audacity.

If certain products appear and disappear over time, following the evolution of fashion and trends, the house shines to this day, both in France and in the rest of the world.

Rochas' first perfume was released in 1936 and it has continued to be a bestseller ever since. Although today the house is run by several people, all very talented, these managers have kept the message, the way of doing things and the style of its founder, Marcel Rochas, in all their creations, whether in the sector haute couture or that of perfumery. The philosophy of the house can be summed up in two words: simplicity and youth. We can list more than sixty Rochas perfumes since the beginnings of the brand. The Women's perfume released in 1945, the first to be distributed, is the springboard for the success of the Rochas company. L'Eau de Rochas, launched in 1970, is one of the brand's legendary productions thanks to its freshness, delicacy and elegance. In addition, it has been sold in 55 million copies since its marketing.

In addition to these masterpieces, we can also mention "Tocade", Eau Sensuelle, Eau de Rochas Fraîche, Les Cascades de Rochas Éclat or even "Secret" de Rochas, produced by Jean-Michel Duriez and all released in 2008.