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Kilian is a modern range of affordable perfumes for young people who want to wear a perfume that "smells good", but which is not yet used by most of their girlfriends and boyfriends. Everything has been planned and thought out for the Kilian brand of perfume: the packaging, the messages, the compositions and the distinction "girls / boys". The packaging is deliberately different from other exclusive fragrances, more fanciful and more stylish. The ball of perfume is placed upside down in a sort of base on which a cool message can be read. The bottles are in glass and marked "For Men" and "For Women". “Kissing”, “Madly in Love” and “Princess” for girls. “Boys” for boys. “Adults” for everyone.

The cool message on “Princess” claims: I don't need a prince by my side to be a Princess. Notes of Ginger, Green Tea and Marshmallow are as appealing.

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