To stand out from competition in a harsh and very competitive environment, Kenzo demonstrated limitless creativity. Kenzo perfume for women and Kenzo perfume for men have always had stylishly designed, carefully crafted bottles. Kenzo also relies on very creative and especially very poetic advertising campaigns.

The latest Kenzo perfume, “Kenzo World”, is one of the best new Kenzo perfumes. It is the perfect embodiment of the brand's boldness.  If “Flower by Kenzo” is inspired by the poppy flower, it goes without saying that it belongs to the olfactory family of floral waters. “Flower by Kenzo” is a pure and airy summer fragrance. This is a romantic floral bouquet full of layers of petals, created for layered women who love to be rediscovered over and over again. It is true that the fragrance composition of the different Kenzo perfumes has evolved with time, yet one thing remains certain: the femininity and delicacy haven’t changed one bit. To perfume yourself with the “Flower by Kenzo” collection is to get drunk on one of the most popular scents on the planet. Don’t resist the temptation!