Issey Miyake


Issey Miyake Perfume:

Issey Miyake was born in Hiroshima, in the south of Japan, in 1938. Thus, with a calming serenity coming straight from the other side of the world, each of his creations seems to charge. Issey Miyake has adapted to Western know-how without ever forgetting its Eastern values.


Issey Miyake perfumes are true concentrates of escape and the universe of Issey Miyake is unlike that of any other creator. Issey Miyake joined an art school in Tokyo to be a designer. Attracted by fabric, material, and couture, he finally presented his first collection in 1963.

Issey Miyake settled in Paris and made his debut alongside Guy Laroche and Givenchy. This is how he discovered the world of ready-to-wear. He then went to New York and learned a lot under the guidance of Geoffrey Bene. He finally returned to France in 1973. His shop opened a year later, and this is how he gained the notoriety that we know him today.

He embarked on a journey to perfumery and showed a real creative impetus in this field. Known for his light scents, Issey Miyake cologne is always about   freshness. Since 1999, Issey Miyake has established himself as a key figure in the world of perfume for women with fragrances that constitute a mark of respect for Japanese traditions, culture and nature.