Gucci Perfumes UAE:

The Gucci brand, progressive, creative and very fashionable, has guided the world of fashion for almost 100 years. The pinnacle of Italian art are Gucci items, both classic and electric, which are genuine olfactory jewels distinguished by consistency and attention to detail.

The history of the brand dates back to the year 1921 when Guccio Gucci established its leather workshop. He probably had no idea then that his name would become a true legend that would dominate the world of fashion. Today, the Gucci brand is no longer just sparkling on the fashion show catwalks, its collections have expanded and include many fashion items, including cosmetics and perfumes.

Gucci joined the world of perfumes in 1970. Since then, Gucci has been selling sensual and charismatic women's Gucci perfume and men's Gucci cologne. The most popular Gucci perfumes are probably Gucci Guilty's herbal perfume for men or Gucci Bloom's very romantic floral perfume for women. Gucci Bamboo Eau de Parfum is ideal for strong women with a refined taste, it is a true source of inspiration for all those around them. Discover Gucci Perfume Collection on Perfume Dubai!