Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor, aka Liz Taylor, believed that a well-chosen perfume is an essential accessory for every woman. In 1987, she decided to blend her love of fine fragrances with her entrepreneurial spirit by releasing her first Elizabeth Taylor perfume, Passion. The scent was an instant hit. Elizabeth Taylor’s outstanding perfume world includes 16 different scents and fragrances, namely the iconic “White Diamonds”.

Collaborating with master perfumers, Liz Taylor strived to make sure that each of her perfumes was a representation of her unique and exciting lifestyle. What Elizabeth Taylor cared mostly for was offering top-notch quality perfumes, the same quality perfume she’d choose for herself. It is thanks to this level of perfectionism and commitment to quality that Elizabeth Taylor built an empire of perfumes that mirror her refinement and classiness. This empire has seen a great success that continues today, with a portion of the profits generated by these fragrances being dedicated to supporting the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. Her business, House of Taylor continues her mission of expanding her fragrance empire in partnership with Revlon.