Elie Saab


Elie Saab Perfume:

Elie Saab is an incredibly talented designer of Lebanese descent. An exceptional alliance of Western and Eastern cultures distinguishes his creations. Elie Saab opened his first fashion store at the age of 18, during which time his main focus was on designing wedding dresses. In the fashion world, he quickly found success and by 2002, when actress Halle Berry received an Oscar for wearing one of his models, the whole world knew him already.


Elie Saab also started to introduce himself in the world of perfumes later on, in 2011. His first fragrance, with a very simple name, Le Parfum, found popularity with women instantly and remains the greatest success of the company to this day. This Elie Saab perfume is a sort of luminous bouquet made from orange blossom, rose honey and jasmine. “Radiant with femininity”, it immediately won a prestigious Fifi Awards when it was released.

The beauty of the fashion world and the fascinating charm of Arab landscapes are represented by Elie Saab perfumes. Explore the love of Elie Saab UAE with Perfume Dubai and indulge in a dreamy universe.