Davidoff Perfumes And Colognes:

The Davidoff brand, which represents the philosophy of its founder, Zino Davidoff, a gentleman, but also a bon vivant and a true adventurer, reflects timeless beauty, outstanding quality and a talent for detail. Zino Davidoff was a true master at living life to the fullest. He traveled all over the world and each day was marked by adventure and challenges. He also liked to share his joie de vivre with others, especially through his creations. He has always considered quality to be essential, which is extremely visible in his Davidoff perfume.

Since 1984, when the first Davidoff perfume was released, the brand has created dozens of Davidoff cologne and Davidoff fragrances. The Davidoff Cool Water series, for instance, was a real success, it was able to spark a real little revolution in the perfumery world. But each of the Davidoff perfumes reveals a character of its own and makes you want to live even more intensely.