Known for its exceptional watches and jewelry, the Chopard house- created by Karl Scheufele, has also created luxury fragrances for men and women. Of course, Chopard is above all recognized for its exceptional watches and jewelry.

However, the house has also created the fancy Chopard perfumes. Today, it has a range of "high perfumery" composed of four fragrances with noble and natural ingredients, among which we can mention neroli, magnolia, vanilla and Bulgarian rose.

Chopard has not only developed a wide variety of perfumes for women, including the famous Happy Diamonds and Happy Hearts, but also a collection for men with the very seductive "Amber Malaki" and "Mile Miglia".

Even today, these perfumes are synonymous with luxury and refinement, two essential aspects of the Chopard brand. Today, it is the children of Karl Scheufele who are at the head of the Chopard house and continue to write the success story of the famous Swiss empire.