Because you are unique, your Cerruti perfume will reveal your uniqueness too! A fashion house and luxury ready-to-wear brand, the Cerruti 1881 label knew how to make its collections and build its reputation with elegance until it appeared in the movies from the 60s thanks to Faye Dunaway for the film "Bonnie and Clyde", and again thanks to Richard Gere in "Pretty Woman" in 1990.

Contrary to the date that bears its name, Cerruti 1881 perfume, it was founded in 1967 by the Italian Nino Cerruti. He had, in fact, wished to echo and honor his grandfather who, in 1881, created a wool weaving factory in Italy, in the Piedmont region. The filiation and respect for a vision of the noble material to dress women and men with its finest fabrics are fully maintained until today. And since his very first perfume created in 1978 and bearing his name, the creator Nino Cerruti seeks perfection to dress us, this time, with his most beautiful essences. Cerruti men's perfumes are all about discreet originality for exceptional men. Cerruti perfume for women are all about Italian elegance for distinguished women.

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