The Italian brand Aquolina was created by Antonella Pascale with a very original main objective, that of seducing gourmets and discerning palates worldwide.

The brand's first perfume, Aquolina Pink Sugar, launched on the market in 2004. Pink Sugar from Aquolina immediately witnessed great success among young women. Today, Aquolina offers a palette of more than ten fragrances, all of which are very popular, especially among people who love sweet smells.

The Aquolina perfume brand is a specialist in creating fragrances that will remind you of the sweet scents of your childhood. The creation of its perfumes is however the result of a subtle dosage because none of them carries this sweet effect to an annoying excess, thus never limiting their use. The sweet smells of Aquolina can be enjoyed in the form of perfumes, but also deodorants or body lotions.

Fragrances have the power to awaken emotions linked to memories. And that's why Aquolina perfume invites you to dive back into your childhood memories, especially the sweet ones.