Alexandre J.

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    Welcome to the world of Alexandre J. Welcome to the world of luxury perfumes which are like true small works of art. This is the unique world of Alexandre J perfume. The French brand Alexandre.J draws its inspiration from history and from the four corners of the globe. This is a brand that does not allow itself to be held back by the limits of traditional perfumery. And it is for this reason in particular that its luxury bottles are more than perfume bottles, they are simply remarkable.

    The first Alexandre.J perfume wea born in 2012. The brand was created by the French designer Alexandre.J, a great patriot and lover of art and travel, which is reflected in his perfumes simply overflowing with stories and emotions. Alexandre perfumes were created in collaboration with great perfumers such as Anne-Sophie Behaghel, Amélie Bourgeois or Emna Doghri.