Top 3 Arabic Perfumes

Feb 10 2021

Top 3 Arabic Perfumes

Feminine or masculine, sexy or romantic, flowery or fruity, musk or amber or oud perfume, your fragrance is an inseparable part of your personality. Perfume Dubai has a sensational variety of Arabic perfumes with strong character, created to make a lasting impression and leave an unforgettable memory. This is why they are and have always been, among the best-selling in the world today. Perfume Dubai knows that you deserve the best and that’s why we've selected just the best Arabic perfume for you.

Amouage Lilac Love

Amouage Lilac Love (for her)

Close your eyes and imagine a blossoming garden, overflowing with the most beautiful flowers. This is exactly the scent evoked by Amouage Lilac Love Eau de Parfum for Women that will dazzle you every day with the richness of its floral notes. 

Amouage Epic

Amouage Epic ( For Him) 

Amouage Epic Eau de Parfum for men reveals all the charm of oriental scents. The secrecy and the touch of mystery that radiate from it arouse the curiosity of everyone who crosses the path of anyone wearing this sensational oriental perfume fragrance.

Creed Original Santal

Creed Original Santal

Creed Original Santal Unisex Eau de Parfum is a unique fragrance for all independent men and women who like to live by their own rules. 

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