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best creed perfumes

Best Creed Perfumes

The Story of Creed Perfume

House of Creed is an old and high-end perfumery dedicated to the creation of original fragrances, made from exceptional ingredients.

It all started in 1760, when a young London clothing company sent scented leather gloves to King George III. Founded by James Henry Creed the year of the young monarch's ascension, House of Creed has been making unique English perfumes for over 260 years.


A little bit of history

Queen Victoria, great-granddaughter of George III, has appointed Creed as official supplier to the royal household. Later, in 1854, the Creed house acquired a new headquarters in Paris, under the patronage of Napoleon III and Empress Eugénie, who greatly influenced the European fashion of her time.

At the time, Creed was the supplier of most members of the royal family. In the modernized Second Empire city of Paris, Creed built his reputation as a talented tailor and creator of exclusive, bespoke English perfumes. The tact and discretion that governed his dealings with royal, aristocratic, and eminent clientele soon became legendary in the House of Creed.


Creed Fragrances

Since day one, Creed has created a line of fragrances that are unmatched and unparalleled. Over the centuries, the Creed family has signed more than 200 perfumes, as many incarnations of the unique creative spirit and the keen sense of smell transmitted from father to son for seven generations.


Creed Fragrances Today

It’s Olivier Creed, perfumer and direct descendant of James Henry Creed, who perpetuates today this rich Creed tradition. Alongside his son, Erwin, he multiplies his travels to extract, research, study and obtain the best ingredients.

Rose from Bulgaria, Turkey or Morocco, jasmine from Italy, iris from Florence, tuberose from India, vetiver from Haiti, Bourbon vanilla, bergamot from Calabria and violets from Parma are just some of the treasures of the Creed laboratory.

Still based in Paris, with a workshop in Fontainebleau, the Creed house often creates its own essences respecting a traditional technique; an expensive process which sets Creed's fragrances apart from many of their modern competitors.


Top 10 list of the Best Creed Colognes:


creed aventus   

Eau de Parfum


1. Creed aventus 

(the bestselling creed perfume for men)

Creed by Aventus was created to celebrate 250 years of House of Creed. It has become the world's number 1 fragrance among men's fragrances.

Sensual, bold and contemporary, this rich and iconic eau de parfum combines bewitching top notes of lemon, pink pepper and Italian bergamot with a fresh and floral heart of juicy pineapple, delicate jasmine and Indonesian patchouli.

Woody base notes including oakmoss, cedar and ambergris – House of Creed's signature ingredient – round off this elegant and daring composition, for the ultimate olfactory experience.



  Creed Aventus For Her EDP 

Eau de Parfum


2. Creed Aventus for Her

Creed Aventus is the best Creed perfume for women. A feminine version of the iconic Aventus perfume for men, Creed Aventus for Her unveils a fresh and fruity fragrance.

Aventus for Her awakens with top notes of fresh green apple, sizzling pink pepper and zesty bergamot before blossoming into a floral heart of rose, lilac and ylang-ylang to reveal its lemony personality.

Rich and sensual, this feminine fragrance closes on a base of sandalwood, patchouli, musk and ambergris which reinforces the richness of this composition with its decadent charm.


creed silver mountain  

Eau de parfum


3. Creed Silver Mountain Water

(Bestselling creed perfume for men & women)

Inspired by the freshness of alpine air, Silver Mountain Water by Creed is a men's and women's fragrance that traces a fresh and contemporary sandalwood and musk trail.

Featuring a juicy lemon head and a heart of tea with salty marine accents, this modern and intoxicating Creed scent concludes with a base of sandalwood and musk that gives it a real burst of freshness and energy.


creed himalaya  

Eau de parfum


4. Creed Himalaya  

A fern fragrance full of freshness, Creed Himalaya evokes the scents of the mountains and steep landscapes of the Himalayas. Warm notes of sandalwood, nutmeg and cedarwood complement lemony top notes of bergamot, lemon and mandarin.

At the heart of this masculine Himalayan fragrance, you will discover notes of gunpowder, juniper berries and nutmeg. Extremely seductive, the dry base of sandalwood, vetiver and cedarwood of this eau de parfum creates an irresistible signature fragrance.


creed green irish  

Eau de Parfum


5. Creed green Irish tweed

incredibly fresh, the aromatic Green Irish Tweed perfume by Creed perfume men is a real bouquet of scents. The lemon and verbena top notes of this eau de parfum are refreshed to perfection with a whiff of peppermint.

Geranium contrasts with fresh lavender in this classic fern scent, while the rich, intense aroma of cedarwood blends with invigorating oakmoss to create a unique, long-lasting forest fragrance.


creed wind flowers 

  Eau de parfum


6. Creed wind flowers

(Best creed perfume for women)

Inspired by the fluidity of movement, Wind Flowers is the new fragrance from house of Creed.

Floral and fresh, this fragrance opens with exquisite notes of delicate jasmine, tangy orange blossom and velvety peach.

A creamy praline gives way to a heart of rose, jasmine and tuberose, while silvery notes of iris and a base of sandalwood come together to bring this luminous creation to life.



Creed original santal  

Eau de Parfum


7. Creed original santal

Inspired by the exotic opulence of India, Creed presents, through Original Santal, a classic, rich and generous fragrance.

Opening with a fruity head of juniper berries and bergamot, this aromatic eau de parfum reveals a unique combination of sandalwood and orange blossom that mingle in the heart notes.

A creamy base of tonka bean and oak moss enhances this sensual fragrance to create a complex evening fragrance.


 Creed Millésime Impérial 

Eau de Parfum


8. Creed Millésime Impérial

Seductive and refined, Millésime Impérial by Creed is an elegant fragrance for men and women.

Awakening to notes of bergamot and blackcurrant, this is one of the best smelling Creed perfumes.

It reveals a delicate heart of juicy fruit with salty accents before concluding on a luxurious base of dry and warm sandalwood. Worn at nightfall, this seductive fragrance from Creed exudes opulence.


  Creed Viking

Eau de Parfum


9. Creed Viking

Creed Viking is A fresh and bold fragrance with a truly ozonic side. The masterful alchemy of dry sandalwood, fresh bergamot, nutmeg and incense is inspired by wild beauty and springtime adventures in the waters of the Norwegian fjords.

This aromatic fern combines the radiance of an eau de parfum with the freshness of an eau de cologne. A universal breath of limitless exploration, Creed Viking Cologne is a contemporary fragrance for the modern-day adventurer.


Creed royal princess oud  

Eau de Parfum


10. Creed royal princess oud

With its oriental floral fragrance, the classic Royal Princess Oud perfume is a masterpiece of elegance created by Olivier Creed.

This Creed fragrance for women is composed of extracts of tangy bergamot, juicy grapefruit and sparkling aldehydes that are layered with accords of rose and iris.

Soft white flowers playfully mingle with the dry ingredients of this oriental fragrance, while swirls of cedarwood and oud deliver the sensual base notes, unveiling a chic and provocative fragrance.



How to store your Creed perfume?

  • Don’t leave your bottle under direct light.
  • Don’t expose your perfume to high temperatures.
  • Your perfume should be in a place where the temperature is constant.
  • Don’t expose your perfume to humidity.
  • Don’t open your bottle when it is not necessary.
  • Don’t shake the contents of your perfume.
  • Never put a fragile bottle on the highest shelf.
  • Put the perfume in your closet or in its box.


FAQs about Creed Perfume


Q. Where is Creed perfume made?

A. Creed perfume is made in Fontainebleau on the outskirts of Paris using Rose from Bulgaria, Turkey and Morocco, Florentine Iris, Calabrian bergamot, Haitian vetiver, Bourbon vanilla, Italian jasmine and the finest ambergris. There are just a few of the signature ingredients found in Creed fragrances. The high quality, raw and natural ingredients are always weighed, mixed and macerated by hand. This is a demanding process, inherent to the values ​​so dear to ancient perfumery: talent and perfection.


Q. How much does Creed perfume cost?

A. A. Prices of the different fragrances of Creed vary. However, they are suited to every budget.


Q. Is Creed perfume unisex?

A. Creed perfume is available in colognes for men and perfumes for women as well as unisex Creed fragrances.


Q. How long does Creed cologne last?

A. The life of Creed cologne begins with the first spray once the bottle has been opened and the perfume introduced to air. Bottom line, Creed perfume lasts from 3 to 5 years if the perfume is stored properly as explained in the tips above.


Q. Where can I buy Creed cologne?

A. Perfume Dubai is your number one destination for the best Creed fragrances for men and the best Creed fragrances for women. Creed perfume is available in colognes for men and perfumes for women. Start shopping now Creed Perfume and enter the universe of Creed!


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