GIVENCHY Gentleman Reserve Privee Eau de Parfum 100ml

GIVENCHY Gentleman Reserve Privee Eau de Parfum 100ml

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Discover Givenchy Gentleman Reserve Privée Eau de Parfum, the unique floral-woody fragrance inspired by the ultimate refinement of smooth, aromatic whisky.
Co-created by master distillers and master perfumers, the savoir-faire of two olfactory worlds is combined to create an intense men’s cologne for strong and sophisticated gentlemen.  

Woody, Floral, Ambery

Chestnut, Orris concrete Italy & China, Benzoin Siam rezinoid Laos

A heady duality of delicate floral notes and woody depths is expressed through a contrast of ethereal iris and amber woods in Givenchy Gentleman Reserve Privée.
Whisky absolute, crafted in Grasse using barley from a historic distillery in Scotland, imbues this men’s cologne with the purest and most timeless elegance.