Carolina Herrera Perfume 212 VIP Men EDT 100ml

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Carolina Herrera Perfume

After the female version from 2010, Carolina Herrera perfume presents the 212 VIP masculine edition. Carolina Herrera Perfume 212 VIP Men is run by the same slogans: "Are you on the list?" and "This is a private party." The fragrance reflects the style and attitude of the New York party elite, described as a party animal and nightlife scent, containing notes of gin and vodka. A man of this fragrance is a fun, charismatic and stylish, awakening lust and envy in others.

The oriental woody composition is created by Emilie Coppermann as an explosive cocktail of vodka, passion fruit, frozen mint, ginger, black pepper, lime caviar, leather, spices, amber and king wood.

The face of the campaign is Jon Kortajarena.

Carolina Herrera Perfume 212 VIP Men was launched in 2011.