Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy EDP 100ml

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212 SEXY

Carolina Herrera Perfume 212 Sexy think of a woman who, with just one look, attracts interest, she is the embodiment of grace and style. Her presence captivates and is so tempting that you cannot control the urge to move closer and smell her fragrance, sweet and mysterious; you want to discover her secrets and be seduced by her magical aura.

She has the same cosmopolitan spirit as the 212 woman but transmits a more mysterious aura of sensuality. She feels extremely feminine and seductive, and her perfume is the essential complement to reflect the sensuality and sophistication that characterize her.

The shape of the bottle maintains the original 212 sexy perfume as a basis, but with the coordination of new tones, metallized mauves and pinks; and the new typography of the name gives it a more sensual feel without losing the innovative minimalist character of the unique 212 design.